Gracie Abrams – Friend Ringtone

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Beltonen Gracie Abrams – Friend Lyrics

I just can’t believe you don’t know what I’m feeling
Guess you got the best of this
Pickin’ up the pieces, you just wanna leave ’em
Killing me a little bit
And I hate the way you love me
And I hate that I still care
Funny how you feel like we would ever talk again
How could you think I’d be your friend?

[Verse 2]
I’m sure you’re doin’ fine but I don’t wanna hear it
And if I left my t-shirt, you can keep it
I don’t wanna see you again if it’s different
‘Cause I’ll only see all the things that I’m missin’
And I should’ve cut all the ties but I didn’t, I didn’t let go, mmm